Winter Break / by Brendan Tang

December is here and school is out. Time to get to work! 

One of the many bonuses (bonusi?) of working at ECUAD are the big kilns at the school, and a big empty studio when the students are holiday-ing. So, I've wheeled in one of the flat beds from the car kiln to the studio and I'm gonna fill it up with something new.   I am hoping to make one of my big cloud formations, like 3 ft big (about a meter) :D


Flat bed from the Bailey Kiln


Clouds Maquette (about 30 cm)

On top of this, I'll be starting up some exciting collaborations. Diyan Achjadi and I will be working on a little something something (other than our Christmas Karaoke number) for the Malaspina Printmakers. I'm also be working on a super secret project in a very "precious" material...That's all I can say for now.

Time to put another pot of coffee on.