Happy Holidays! by Brendan Tang

Seasons Greetings everyone. 

Over the holidays I've been working on a gift for you all. I know I'm a little late, but here you go! 

Your very own Brendan Tang colouring book!!!! Click the LINK , Download, Print and Colour (and post if you like) :D

My New Amazing Collaborations:

Courtney Henson Brienen

Courtney Henson Brienen

Caleb Tang (My nephew)

Caleb Tang (My nephew)

Winter Break by Brendan Tang

December is here and school is out. Time to get to work! 

One of the many bonuses (bonusi?) of working at ECUAD are the big kilns at the school, and a big empty studio when the students are holiday-ing. So, I've wheeled in one of the flat beds from the car kiln to the studio and I'm gonna fill it up with something new.   I am hoping to make one of my big cloud formations, like 3 ft big (about a meter) :D


Flat bed from the Bailey Kiln


Clouds Maquette (about 30 cm)

On top of this, I'll be starting up some exciting collaborations. Diyan Achjadi and I will be working on a little something something (other than our Christmas Karaoke number) for the Malaspina Printmakers. I'm also be working on a super secret project in a very "precious" material...That's all I can say for now.

Time to put another pot of coffee on.  

Yegads! It's November by Brendan Tang

Goodies off to Toronto 

Goodies off to Toronto 

Like everyone, I can not believe that the end of the year is near. This month I have a number of things I'm doing.

 1) Making students lives misserable at ECUAD

2) Shipping off work to Division Gallery in Toronto (for a show this December 2014). I'll be showing the swimmer series plus an off shoot series of ceramic Fragments  that I made at the European Ceramic Work Centre.  These guys are super rare, so I hope you can see them in person!

3) Working on a number of public proposals. I would love to share with you what I'm cooking up, but that stuff is top secret. Instead I've posted some models of the work that didn't get accepted (cause humans could get their arm stuck in it...sigh) On the upside, it does give me an opportunity to 3d print something beyond a Star Wars related things. Also I would like to think my 3d modelling is getting better, but judging by the amount of time I am cursing... I still have a lot to learn. 

4)I'm still cooking up a new body of work, but that seems to get more "back burner-ed" these days :( 


ICA 2014 Dublin: the week I hung out with the Ceramic Big Dogs by Brendan Tang

So in the Fall of 2014 I was invited to present on ideas of Identity that show up in my work at the International Academy of Ceramics General Assembly in Dublin aka A BIG DEAL. It was an amazing trip as I got to meet and hang out with a lot of my ceramic heroes, not to mention present my work to them! It was also really awesome to be back in the city I was born in (at a drinking age). Click on the images below to see some of my snaps from the trip :D

New Website and a new Blog by Brendan Tang

HI Everyone, 

Happy Day! The site has been renewed! I've relaunched my Blog to keep you posted on all my adventures and Shows :D

Speaking of which here is where you can find some work:

Northern Clay Centre True North: Contemporary Canadian Ceramics Sep 26 to Nov 9

Red Deer Museum Once + Future: Canadian Contemporary Ceramics Aug 2 to Oct 19

First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto Art Bank Exposé: A selection of artworks from the Canada Council Art Bank Nov 3 to Jan 16 (2015)

Prototype Shelf in the Studio

Prototype Shelf in the Studio